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Bay of Pigs prisoner footage showing tall tramp?

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I have a VHS tape which has parts 1-2-3 of a Vietnam history series.

In a section which for some reason showed footage from the BOP operation there is a short scene which shows

a prisoner who looks, and walks, like the tall tramp.

I no longer have the means to capture video frames.

Is there anyone who would want to try to capture the image from the tape?

I am not sure what, if anything, would be gained from knowing the tramp was involved in the BOP operation.

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What's the name of the series, and which tape is the clip on?


I have two names for the series.

One is TV history of Vietnam and the other is Vietnam a TV history.

Richard Ellison put the series together.

I believe the short clip I referred to is in the 3rd show in the series. I will have to find the shot in the

3 hour tape before I can say for sure.

I will try to get a digital photo of the man from my TV screen. I have a large screen TV so I'm hoping

the image might be good enough for a comparison.

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