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Another "Perfect Failure"

Charles Drago

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Absent the appreciation of the invasion of Iraq as a "perfect failure" -- a deliberate muck-up designed to expand and prolong regional hostilities, maximize war profits, control/deflect mass perceptions, and justify collateral damage (to civil liberties, education, the environment, etc.) -- no sense can be made of current events.

Do not for a nanosecond buy the "incompetence" argument used to explain the disaster. Bush's myriad failings -- all too real -- are dramatized precisely to support this cover story. W exists to play the "perfect fool" and "perfect patsy" for this sordid drama, methinks.

The replacement for the Cold War has been crafted and initiated.

Also fitting the "perfect failure" description: the breakdown of air defenses on 9-11.

And there are others.

The term "perfect failure," of course, was coined by Trumbull Higgins for the title of his 1988 book, subtitled Kennedy, Eisenhower, and the C.I.A. at the Bay of Pigs.


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