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PLEASE Streamline Replies

Charles Drago

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Absent point-by-point rebuttal, replies to lengthy posts need not contain the entire original.

To expedite and enhance our appreciations of responses, one need only HIGHLIGHT and DELETE the original text located between

indicators, and then go for the gold starting at least one line below the final

Hope this helps.


Edited by Charles Drago
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I echo your sentiments. It becomes tedious to scroll down to the end of a previously read message (especially when that message is long, as it often is), in order to find a new reply. If you aren't really rebutting a specific point in a previous post, but are posting a general comment on the subject matter of a thread (as I often do), you can simply click on the reply button at the bottom of the page, instead of someone's previous post, and you won't even have to delete anything- you'll have a nice empty box to type into.

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I agree with Charles, and also would add my opinion that you don't have to post the entire text of an article here. Just provide a link to the original, and that will be fine.

If you think the original text might be deleted for some nefarious reason, then by all means post the original here.

Otherwise - IMO ONLY - please, if it is long, just use a link, not the full text.


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Go to the top of the page @ the first post on that page and on the right you will see a key with the word "OPTIONS" on it. Click on it and under Display Modes it has a "'standard". Click on that.

You may have inadvertently clicked on "switch to outline" or "linear mode."


Edited by Kathy Beckett
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