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Don Bailey

Don Bailey

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As a former investigator, my interest into the JFK assassination started in April 1993 when I was given a VHS copy of the Oliver Stone movie. From that point on I spent every free minute that I had studying photos, watching other films and have read every book I could get my hands on. During 1993-1996, I recorded everything on TV that was related to the JFK assassination. Took trips to Dallas just to see Dealey Plaza for myself and have sent other people to take pictures for me on where I believe the shots were fired from on 11/22/63.

I've been a reader of this forum for 2 years now and enjoy reading the new things that I've never heard of that came out before 1993 and would like to add to the discussions. There are many things that are never discussed and should be addressed in relation to the assassination. In my mind, I know who was behind the assassination, who the shooters were and the sequence of shots.

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