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Harry J.Dean

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The Middle East Crusaders are rooted in every crack and crevice of American society,

and in positions of power with extreme influences, political, social, economic, over

every aspect of daily life, and death.

Theirs is the only successful conspiracy in existance, in it's strategic plan {begining 1n

1896} to subversively seize and use United States national powers, in order to bring

about at any cost, the unnatural expantion of their world-wide Mormon kingdom of God.

The cost to be borne by all, except by their own faithful follower elite in leadership

positions. Some of their general membership are slated for sacrafice along with non-

member majority "gentile" fellow American countrymen, and others. Each unknowingly

fighting, even dying for Mormonism in the Middle East Crusades against Islam.

This American invented religion {1830} is now in a final make-or break maneuver

via it's semisecret control and direction of the political machinery of the United States

with the aim of neutralizing/supressing Islam, the last and only blockade in the path of

a relentless global Mormon political/religious Kingdom.

Bush Jr. is always a willing agent/servant of Mormon leadership, as were others,

especially since the death of JFK {Nov.22,1963}. Greater fear and dread will be realized

by all nations if and when, the Mormon candidate for president of the United States, Mitt

Romney is elected. Romney will act more brazenly than the usual political agents of the

church in in their desparate, murderous Crusade.


Saints must consult their ecclesiastical superiors to obtain permission before accepting

any appointment that might interfere with their religious duties.

Harry J. Dean

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