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John Simkin

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Teaching History , published quarterly, is the U.K's leading professional journal for history teachers and boasts a growing international readership.

Trainee teachers use it extensively on their courses, mentors use it to improve their practice, heads of history use it to develop the thinking and practice of the department. Above all, ordinary history teachers use it to evaluate and extend their own teaching quality.

Teaching History doesn't shirk the big isses and big debate, but it links these to everyday, practical concerns. It deals with the nitty gritty and gets beyond it at the same time. You won't find uncritical 'how to do it' pieces, as though prescriptions received from on high were automatically right, but you will find plenty of varied and realistic examples from different types of teachers. You won't find dry, theoretical monographs which are impossible to relate to the classroom, but you will find serious commentary by teachers who communicate well, who can theorise about pupils' learning and who can take us well beyond random 'bright ideas'.

In addition to five or six major articles developing the them of each 48 or 64 page edition Teaching History contains a number of short, easy-to-read, stimulating features including: Move me On, Triumphs Show, Nutshell and Cunning Plan.

Teaching History is edited by Christine Counsell, Deputy Editor: Alison Kitson, Consulting Editors: Nicolas Kinloch and Tony McConnell.

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