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Are you an English teacher who often busy yourself in grading a test? Are you an investigator who often busy yourself in grading a survey? Are you tired of the dry work of Statistic and analysis? Now you can make all the work easier and quicker if you use the software "PC OMR v3.0" and "Standardized Test System v4.0"!

Needn't traditional OMR reader - "PC OMR v3.0" is a special kind of software to look over answer sheet automatically, quickly and cheaply. To use the soft, all you need is to equip general PC and digital camera ( or scanner, or digital webcam, or digital vidicon, or PC camera ), and the soft support to auto analyse achievement and output achievement to print. The software offer nany types of You can choose the answer sheet offered by yourself according to your request from the EXCEL. The software also can be applied in survey that uses a seven-point Likert Scale.

"Standardized Test System v4.0" is an automated grading system used in standardized test. By the software test paper can be created easily, the test can be graded automatically and the achievements can be analyzed automatically.

Why not try free to make your work easier and quicker?

To know more about these softwares, please visit the site:


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