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Teacher employment practices

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This is such a useful site for garnering information!

1. Please, can someone give me a brief run-down on how teachers are currently employed in the UK? Are they still all directly appointed by school heads or boards, do they get a set-term contract, then permanency or do some always stay on contracts?

2. Is the fight about what teachers and teacher aides can/can't do still raging or has it been settled?

Thanks in advance.

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Teacher appointments are usually made by head teachers in secondary schools, but school governors and local education officers may also be involved in making appointments, especially in small primary schools, but also in the appointment of new headteachers.

Appointments are usually made on a permanent contract basis unless there are good reasons for not doing so. For example, a teacher may be appointed on a one year contract if the job specification is likely to change at the end of that year - if there is some kind of reorganisation planned or the school or department is downsizing. Part time teachers may be appointed on a one year contract, but they can also be appointed on a permanent contract basis.

Sometimes teachers can be appointed on a shorter contract such as a single school term, but this is not a popular arrangement as they can be very costly to the school if they take a lot of sick leave!

Newly qualified teachers are usually appointed on a permanent basis but have to complete a satisfactory first year before they are considered to be fully qualified. If they are deemed unsatisfactory, they can extend the year to try and improve their performance. Hopefully they are successful!

As regards the arguments about what teaching assistants can/ can't do - it is still rumbling on and, I suspect, it is likely to continue to do so for some time yet!


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You are all such mines of information, I have another question. (Hope you're not sick of them yet!!

Are there any countries in Europe which employ Teacher Assistants as para-professionals, with duties more responsible than the usual Teacher Aide? If so, where and does anyone have any details of how they work?

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