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Fahrenheit 9/11

Derek McMillan

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The White House has taken Osama Bin Laden off the "Ten Most Wanted" list.

They have put on Michael Moore instead.

Moore's film which smashed its way through a cordon of corporate censorship is an astonishing work of film journalism. The job which a good journalist or an honest politician (hah!) ought to be doing is being done by a TV comic and done brilliantly.

Understandably the establishment has pulled out all the stops to rubbish Michael Moore but the facts in the film speak for themselves and the Republicans have failed to address a single one of those facts.

The links between Bush and the Saudi Royal Family - undisputed.

The assistance given to the Bin Laden family to flee America - undisputed.

The pressure on the intelligence services to "prove" Iraq the villain of the piece and exonerate Saudi Arabia - undisputed.

There are two points in the film where anyone not made out of stone (or New Labour!) would be moved to tears. They both show mothers crying out in anguish against the war...one Iraqi and the other a patriotic right-wing democrat from Moore's home town of Flint.

Another memorable figure is the army corporal who said "he would not go back to Iraq to kill other poor people" on behalf of the corporations who are then shown gloating about the wealth which they can reap from Iraq.

In a priceless sequence Moore approaches US politicians to see how many of them will sign up their sons to go and fight in Iraq......guess how many takers he gets.....

Go and see the film. Take the family.

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