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Message from a student. Anyone involved in the Civil Rights Movement?

My name is Heather and I'm working on a National History Day project for history at my school. I am working on this project with my friend Kelsi, and we are doing the project on The Montgomery Bus Boycott and the National Association for the Advancement of colored people. When we were online we came across your website and read what had been written about the NAACP's involvement with the boycott. I was curious as to know if you had a first hand experience with any of the protests, boycotts or sit-ins or if you know anyone that is still around that would be willing to do an interview with us.

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Bad beatings at Jackson: June 13, 1963 -- two days after Medgar Evers was shot and killed. It helps a lot to have, as I have since the hatch, a thick skull and a thick hide. When a horde of police charged, I stood my ground -- facing them. I was clubbed several times, into bloody unconsciousness; then taken to the Fairgrounds Stockade Concentration Camp; finally to a hospital; then to jail. [see the Mississippi section, listed on the inside Index.] We were in the hard-core South, deeply involved in the Movement, from 1961 well into 1967.

-- Hunter Gray [John R. Salter, Jr.]


Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance. Hunter Bear [Hunter Gray/John R Salter, Jr.]


Charles, Medgars brother and friend of Robert F. Kennedy (R.I.P.) is likely also available through various sources. http://www.civilrightsconnection.org/resou.../resources.html

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