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Socialism 2007

Derek McMillan

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If you are interested I have put a video about Socialism 2007 on youtube:


Actually if you are not interested it is still there anyway.

My daughter's complaint? "Why didn't you teach me the words of the Internationale?" I am a bad parent!

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Guest Stephen Turner
We always sing the Internationale on the May Day march - and it amazes Swedes when they hear that there are English words to it too.

It unites the Human Race.

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There are many versions. Just as there are a number of "Internationals". The first International (set up by Marx) was undermined by Swiss Guilds. The second excperienced splits such as menchevic-bolchevic. The remnants of the second formed the backbone of Labour parties from many countries (incl. Sweden). The Third was formed and remained a part of Stalins era until he abandoned it and "The Internationale" as anthem (and assassinated Trotsky). Trotsky had formed the Fourth International of which parties such as the SWP (USA) have allegiance to (it (F.I.) was also split by such as the Healyites in England. The F.I. has its own version of the "Internationale".

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