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My name is Tony Goin, I have a consulting company in Indiana and teach advanced music theory on a part time basis. By the time I was 16 I had read The WCR and debated it in school. My disbelief of the report fueled a passion for the truth that has only grown throughout the years. I am a veteran serving in the USARMY {HHC 5th Army 5th Corps} one of my station's was at the famed I.G. Farben Building, Frankfurt Germany. My education, as well as my work experience is very diverse.

I have read almost every major book on the assassination and have an extensive collection dating back to and including 2 copies of the WCR. The area of research that I have spent the most time with is studying the events on Elm Street, especially the photographic and eyes witness evidence.

Some of the things I believe are,

LHO didn't shoot anyone that day.

Roger Craig was telling that truth as he perceived it.

The Films and some photos are suspect

59 witnesses were right, the Limo Stopped.

In addition to the plotters and shooters in the Plaza that day, Key figures were invited there to witness "the spectacle".

The research community can make a difference and have the case reopened.

I look forward to learning and contributing to the forum. I am always willing to share my resources.

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