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TFW Delta 5 Classified field report

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Information received Sept 2007: Legal

"..... 27 pages of detailed CIA operative field reports from the time frame of April of 1962 through 1964 to be released to public. (June of 2008) Within are detailed information which contains much about JFK and Miami and the Dallas underworld and the Fourth Army HDQ'ed at Dallas's Love Field. ....".

Read it a weep.

Edited by William Plumlee
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Who should be weeping?

I'm just sending a message to some old old friends. No big deal


Great to see you posting, but a bit cryptic :lol:

Been working all day, no time to read any of this,

just wanted to say I am glad to see you here.

Also, am following up on Jay's research best I can.

Please stay in touch.


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