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Using wrong info to discredit

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Sir you may say its over... BUT I do not. You have indirecly called me a xxxx.



Notice: Stanton arrest in Oct 1951 #26-14024 Oct 1951 ITSA

Notice: Plumlee arrest in Feb 1952 #26-157654 June 1952 ITSA two deferent people.... two different case numbers.., different times

It was said this was one case Santon was with Plumlee, Farrentello, and Huckby. However there are two different file, case numbers and Stanton had nothing to do with the plumlee case. It was infered I was not being truthful.

I ask. Was this a mistake? Or was this intentional to discredit me?

When I called the source of this posting I was told he did not have the time to wade through all the post and proceded to counsel me.

On another point: It was stated that I had not been on 4 years federal probation and the documents did not prove I was.

How could this source know? ITS all blacked out.... this is different than being SEALED by Court Order. Please explain.

This is an example of how dis-information is started and spread on this forum as to another example of dis information I posted earlier.

Again I ask. Was this intentional?

P.S. if you can't put the questions side by sidde in the link provided then cut and paste them into the URL ?

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