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There is a big difference between a" Sealed Court Case" and a sanitized released court case; (meaning blacked out sections or pages) An "Un -Sealed" court case is not sanitized. A Court Sealed case is not sanitized when or after it has been ordered unsealed by the court.

When by a court order the case is unsealed, that case is NOT sanitized when it is released. The Plumlee case was "Sealed by Court order then "unsealed" some fifty years later, but it was sanitized after its release. Who sanitized it?

Why was the terms of Plumlee's 1952 Court procedings sanitized in full after they were unsealed?

It was said on this forum that the 1952 document, which Plumlee referenced, said nothing about any four years probation or going in to the military at 14. How would anyone know this?... all the pages were sanitized. I see this as "playing loose" withf the facts and the documents and the references supplied by Mr. Plumlee. Was this intentional? If so then I have to ask why? What would be the motive for doing this? Would this be considered as a violation of Forum Rules?

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