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I have been asked many questions and told why I could not have done what I claim. Starting with the military. Then Cuba, Then JFK, then Contra, Then the Drug War. I can't get past #1

So all I can say is "Read my Book". "Deep Cover Shallow Graves" sch for release in late Oct. now some can say "OH this is publicity for his book"... thats the stacked game... can't win against the house... why try?

I. How did Plumlee get into the National Guard at 14 while on 4 years federal probation?

2. How did he get into the regular army at 16?

3. How did he obtain the Rank of CPL at 17?

4. How did he qualifie for the GI Bill in 1955 at 18?

5. How did he get in to the Army Researve and keep his grade of Cpl.

6. How did he obtain an MOS of 006 and then less than 4 months have the MOS of 1795 a Tank Crewman.

7. How did Plumlee get "service connected" for 100% VA disability benefits.

8. How did Plumlee go to work for a CIA companies in 1956 in Miami?

9. How did he know John Roselli, John Martino, Tony Varon, Bill Harvey, and Tracy Barnes and a host of others.?.

I know. He, Plumlee, faked it all. And he lied and manipulate all the Federal agencies, FBI, CIA, DoJ, DIA ,and the Pentagon, Congress and the Senate of the United States, as well as the Mafia and later the DEA... Not bad for a 14 year old with an IQ of only 82 according to FBI reports of the time...He did all this and more with no help from anyone CIA- Military Intel- or US Government, Mafia and DEA. No wait a minute... He did none of this Its all BS Black is White... White is Black... and there is nothing out there which proves anything he has said.

You buy that and I'll sell you the London Bridge

Now its time to get on the Merry go Round and someone ask me " Do you have anything to back up what you claim... you know your military service ... you know your VA service connection for disability... you know?... any documents, letters, reports, anything? Mr Plumlee embellishes his stories and cannot be believed. Some of you, not all, have NO clue how that game was played and is being played today. I'm sorry if I offend some... but I too, am tired of being offended. I do not mind being investigated but lets do it in a professional arena and I'll do my best to help...

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