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Fourth Army Reserve Dallas Love Field

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I received an email yesterday before I left on my trip, and was asked if I would repost this because it had been lost to time.

It fits into what has been posted recently. I found it by accident on the internet. I told those people I would re post because they are not members of this forum and have additional information which has been recently declassified and released via FOIA.

Capt. Seiwell was located (about two years ago I was told) and gave an affidavit as to what he can remember about that time frame and 4th Army Intel matters of that time. I am in process of obtaining a certified copy of that interview and will post it if and when I receive. I will be in Dallas soon and plan to meet with him... if he is still alive... he is 91 or 92 today.

The following are question I asked and information I had given to forum members.



My notes: AND that person was Capt Edward G Seiwell, Dallas Texas (I was told this was recently confirmed by Capt Seiwell)

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