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I was asked a question awhile ago via email from a young researcher. "How Come Your Still Alive?"

I was not going to respond. However, upon thinking about that question, I felt it was a valid question and deserved a reply. Sometimes we do not agree. Looking back on life, is a like Monday night football.., quarter- backing after the game is over. Its easy to see ll the mistakes made in the game.

The following is my reply... and I leave you in Peace:

"... Can't be said in 25 words or less:

The way to stay alive is to release various detailed information and documentation pertaining to an "event" is by getting the information in various creditable places and documented beyond doubt, before the fact. Even Gary Web did that and it worked until the press was turned against him... Also Col Sabow United States Marine Corp made a mistake by saying what he was "going to do", he should of done it and said this is, "what I did".

To stay in the shadows and be secret and play a secret game will get you killed or character assassinated. If you push and threaten and then not release your information that will cause you to have an accident, or have a heart attack, or commit suicide, or get run over by a truck, or the wings fall off your aircraft. Before the FACT is the key. That will keep you alive; at least until they can 'Defuse' you and your information..... OR you can make a deal... release just enough information and throw a donut to the wolves... go into their den and come out with what they want you to come out with... slanted, and criptic information to pass to those who are selected by the wolves, and those who are not informed as to how that dark world really works...

I call that working for the MAN. Playing both ends on the middle... you get paid for that. Convicted Felons usually go that route. Or make a deal. What some have said about me makes the MO fit for me as well as GPH and others. You can get caught in a vice when you play these games... You either go all the way and protect yourself before the FACT or you work for the Man..and Plant their information... Have I planted false information knowing it to be false? No I have not.. and I have a paper trail to prove it. I am on record of going against the MAN... and it has cost me dearly... IRS bank seized, burned out of my home; shot at and beat up more than once...others have also paid that price.

A few days before John Roselli was reported missing in 1976, I 'turned' and went against the powers that be. I was scared and I testified. And then I went into hiding and running. Soon I needed money and started flying for the MAN in the Drug War, but I documented everything I did and the routes I flew... some years later came the Contra and the escalating Drug War. That is when I came out from hiding and turned to save my own neck. I got every document, map, and FBI reports I could find and I turned it all of it over to the Senate of the United States before the fact. (documention) In hopes of getting someone to look into this "Out of Control" government we had lurking under the vail of demoracy and freedom. I pegged and revealed their "Special Interest" activites and reported it to the Senate. I sent a message and THEY sent one back...

Its not a game out there its real. The average eight to five can in no way comprehend that other world. However, today some in the INTEL world and the FBI, DEA and other alphabet people are starting to see the trail from the Hoover days... J Edgar Hoover had Mr. Hemming by the balls and Hoovers FBI twisted and Mr.Hemming went to his knees ..., well you, or some of you know the rest of that story.

Although Mr. Hemming and I did not see Eye to Eye (and that puts it mildly) I do and did respect his "early years" in his effort to work for and with the Cuban rebels and the people of Cuba for a democratic Cuba..., but I will always see him as a man caught in a vice and a fallen victim to the powers that be. Mr Hemming, in my view, was used and too, he was abused....and like me and others he made a lot of mistakes along the way... that was the way it was suppose to be. Some of us had to play the hand that was dealt.. I believe we create our on reality, good or bad. I pray Mr Hemming will RIP..., he did earn that and he did it in his own way. To that degree I see him as a Patriot. And I pass no judgements.

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