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British Death Inquiry

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I know this won't interest most of the Americans on this board, but I don't like to leave one stone unturned. In 1979, Sir Richard Asher, father to Jane (actress), Peter (music producer) and Claire (teacher), went missing for 3 days. The cops (bobbies?) searched the huge Victorian mansion where the Ashers lived at 18 Wimpole St in London and found him dead in the basement, having killed himself with pills and alcohol. It was stated publicly that he was having financial troubles.

Sir Richard Asher was an Endocrinologist on Harley St, very impressive. He was known as an "eccentric." I can't find much info on him. Could someone tell me more about this man?

His wife was a music professor and gave oboe lessons. The children -- all redheads -- were put into show business at an early age. I met Jane Asher in 1971. I'm curious. Was his death ever considered foul play and for what reason? He, his wife and children were successful, creative individuals. He was knighted. Where does the suicide come from?


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