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Lamar Waldron: Legacy of Secrecy

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Lamar Waldron has agreed to discuss his new book, Legacy of Secrecy, on the forum:


John F. Kennedy’s assassination launched a frantic search to find his killers. It also launched a flurry of covert actions by Lyndon Johnson, Robert F. Kennedy, and other top officials to hide the fact that the United States was on the brink of invading Cuba as part of a JFK-authorized coup. The plan’s exposure could have led to a nuclear confrontation with Russia, but the cover-up prevented a full investigation into Kennedy’s assassination, a legacy of secrecy that would impact American politics and foreign policy for the next 45 years. This book reveals for the first time the attempts by Robert Kennedy to expose his brother’s killers — attempts that led to Kennedy’s own murder. Interviews and newly declassified files from the National Archives document in chilling detail how three mob bosses and a few CIA operatives were able to prevent the truth from coming to light — until now.

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