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This is my farewell post, a short final contribution to this Forum, FWIW.

I'll step aside now and let those who want nothing more than to tickle each others ears, stroke each others egos, call each other names and liars, fight with each other, and tell each other how wonderful and valuable their work is as to the JFK assassination. I will no longer interfer and you can continue in your small little world.

These past few months I have seen nothing meaningful come forth in regard to the assassination of JFK, in fact for the last year or two, IMO, it has become worst than a third rate information rag.., not fit to be roll up with the fish bones and taken out with the garbage. IMO, this forum has become nothing more than a "Chat Room" and a place to be negatively entertained; a place to start fights, name calling, and bickering. Most all the good researchers have left and taken their valuable work with them. I do not blame them. I believe the word, "Education" should be removed from the Forums title.

I do want to thank those who have tried to help me in my work and those who have exchanged information with me on the forum and private emails and those who answered most of my questions. However, for the most part my time has been a total waste here.

I hope I have left a little something behind, which may help those who are sincere in their work, who may drift into this place from time to time.

I know I will no longer be checking in ( or lurking as some like to call it) because there is nothing here of value as to true research, only twisting of facts, book promotions, BS, and false statements. I remember when this forum used to be a place where one could work and exchange information... a place where professionals, in most any debate, could come and exchange their views; a place where respect was extended both ways

IT was a good place once... a refreshing place...., a place where one could looked forward to logging in.... All that has changed. This place, IMO, is, "Out of Control". It has gone from a four star to now a minus star as to meaningful research.

I am sorry to say IMO it has become a cheap rag... not fit for the back pages of a tabloid.

I have removed my book marks and trashed them. I am not addicted to this Forum like some. I don't need It... nor does it need me.

Tosh, While I share some of your upset and frustration and agree, in part, abandoning the ship only depletes its resources. Your not the first to make this decision. I'll not go into all the reasons I think what you sense or suspect is so. A little of value does still go on here. Not as much as it should; and, yes, there are persons here who only want to disrupt and upset - you know the routine. I find the Forum goes through waves of general quality....depending on who is paying attention and posting and who not. I've long noted that many of the best posters and thinkers have left, apparently out of distaste, disgust or their thoughts that they could better spend their time working alone or elsewhere. I've had my moments of doubt too. Yet, I have learned much and there are still very good people here...along with some flotsam and a handful of provacateurs. I think even you'd have to admit to learning or being able to straighten-out a few things here. Yes, the same could likely be done by private emails, but there is value to post this for the public to see, I think. Anyway, whatever. I'd like you to stay - or check in now and then, but I know how to reach you outside the Forum. Many of us are frustrated at a lot of things - the Forum, being only one. The slow pace of rising awareness in America; the closing of the door on democracy; freedoms and information; the lack of real official investigations on many things; the continued deciet and war and theft at the top; Etc. Whatever, take care and thanks for your contributions here. I think some appreciate them more than you know. I know you've also gotten back-chanell negative feedback and even threats for posting and a few on the Forum. Ever was thus. Ignore the fools and the troublemakers. Keep the blue side up!


I agree with Peter. I know you get frustrated when you ask pertinant questions and get no response, Or put out valuable information that is also ignored. But I have also seen some very good sharing between you and others. Gee I sure wish Al Carrier would come back. You and Harry Dean. James, Frencesca (sp) who we have both noted is an excellent researcher. (Just wish I would write her name down properly to refer to before I murder it in a post), Bernice, up in Canada, and more, Greg, BK, Thomas...... Sometimes people don't answer your questions because no one here knows the answers. But that is not avoiding you, that is simply not knowing. Personally I really miss the great posts of Charles Drago. And also Ashton, to whom you were unfavorably compared by Douglas Caddy. While I loved Ashton's writing, knowledge, his true search for the truth and fine mind, I did NOT approve of his treatment of Doug Caddy. And was not surprosed by Mr. Caddy's refusal to respond to Ashton Gray's questions. The style WAS rude and undignified. And people here know Ashton was (is) my friend. But this is not a courtroom where aggressive crossexamination is properly employed. The forum is a place to exchange ifnormation with the goal of advancing the case and leaving a record for the next generation.

So I reiterate what I said the other day: Get your d*** book done but drop in and check on us. Once in awhile. Hey cold turkey is also pretty hard dude :up). Whatever you do I know we'll continue to be in touch.

I thank John Simkin for having this place that allows people for whom this is so very important, from all over the world to meet, exchange ideas, argue, and try to come up with a where -do- we- go- from here gameplan. Yes there are infiltrators, that is to be expected on a forum devoted understanding, and solving the murder of JFK. And a forum that also seeks to prevent the next political assassination. So of course the really bad guys moniter the crap out of this place. The net is the last bastion of free speech and we need to employ that here and everywhere else we can, while we can.



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