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Mainstream Media Reports New Acoustic Findings

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The Pruszynski audio recording of shots fired at RFK, June, 5 1968, has reached a wider media audience. In addition to being reported by MSNBC and ABC's Good Morning America, scientists Dr. Robert Joling and Phillip Van Praag's work has been featured in Newsweek Magazine's Conventional Wisdom section. The scientists work recieved an "UP" arrow. Next to the arrow Newsweek noted "Conspiracy Theories; audio analysis casts doubt that Sirhan was RFK assassin. Paging Oliver Stone." The Stone comment a bit snide; Newsweek nonetheless gave the up arrow.

The Newsweek links are here:



Dr. Joling and Phillip Van Praag's book is titled "An Open and Shut Case".

For more information follow this link to their website:


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