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Student Questions: Cold War

John Simkin

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(Q1) Was JFK aware of the plots to kill Castro? If so, did he do anything to try and stop them?


(Q2) Did JFK play the key role in ending the Cuban Missile Crisis? Was the final decision his or did he follow advice from others?


(Q3) Could JFK have done anything to stop the Bay of Pigs invasion?


(Q4) To what extent did JFK improve relations between the USA and the Soviet Union after the Cuban Missile Crisis?


(Q5) How dangerous was the disagreement between the Soviet Union and the USA over Berlin? Was this potentially more dangerous than the Cuban Missile Crisis?


(Q6) What were the worst things about communism? What were the advantages of living in a communist country?


(Q7) Why did the USSR suddenly become our enemy having been our ally after World War 2?


(Q8) Why in the 70's and 80's were those who opposed nuclear weapons portrayed as naive rather than those who believed having lots of them would make the world safer?



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