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JFK to 9/11 and beyond

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JFK to 9/11 and beyond…the debate continues.

Who is pulling the strings - Zionist Israel or The Jesuits? The million dollar question often ignored in research circles…

What source of power controls the intelligence agencies and military?

Compiled by author and researcher Pamela Ray

Interview with History: The JFK Assassination http://www.authorhouse.com/BookStore/ItemD...okid~40995.aspx

“So while people have focused on how many assassins were involved,

and how many shots they fired at JFK and where the shots came from

and where the bullets hit, the real question of who was ultimately

responsible for the assassination-not who fired the bullets, but

who sponsored the assassins who fired those bullets-has been ignored.” -Michael Piper

Was the Mossad involved in the JFK Assassination 1963?

In the below email it should of course read 'Eric Phelps' instead of 'Michael Phelps' who claims that Jesuit Priests did a triple clip job on JFK.

Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 02:11:00 +0200 (CEST)

From: Robert M. Stockmann stock@stokkie.net

To: Lenny Bloom cloak.dagger@gmail.com

Cc: skolnick@ameritech.net, tips@infowars.com, prisonplanetweb@hotmail.com,

chamish@netvision.net.il, eric@vaticanassassins.org, tarpley@tarpley.net,

takingaim@pacbell.net, stewwebb@sierranv.net, webmaster@rense.com,

prophecy@texemarrs.com, iamthewitness@hotmail.com,


Subject: Re: 911 cover-up, update 3

On Sat, 27 May 2006, Robert M. Stockmann wrote:

On Fri, 26 May 2006, Lenny Bloom wrote:

I would like to add another question. To what degree was the

Mossad involved in the JFK Assassination 1963? Bystanders or Partakers?


Hi Lenny,

Well there seems to be a whole book written on the role of the Mossad

during the Kennedy Assassination in 1963:

"Michael Collins Piper's The Final Judgment"


"The US mainstream media mentions many theories as to who killed

John F. Kennedy on November 22nd, 1963: Cuban exiles, the family of

South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem, Fidel Castro, FBI

Director J. Edgar Hoover, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, LBJ,

the Mafia (getting close) and the CIA (right). But the US

mainstream media never mentions one prime suspect: Israel. Could

it be that those who control the US mainstream media do not want

this explanation even mentioned?

Michael Collins Piper's book, The Final Judgment, provides evidence

in support of the theory that JFK was assassinated in a combined

Mossad/CIA operation because he was an obstacle both to Israel's

development of the atomic bomb and (since JFK was planning to

withdraw from Vietnam) to the continuation of the CIA's

heroin-smuggling operations in South-East Asia.

This book was first published in 1994. It was reissued as a

paperback in 2000 but Amazon now lists it as "out of stock", and

available only as a used book (priced at US$155 - over six times

the original list price of US$25).

Below are given all eleven reviews of this book which appear on

Amazon's website (as at 2003-11-22) and at the end is a message on

this subject from Wade Frazier


"Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy"

by Michael Collins Piper

Paperback: 760 pages

Publisher: The Center for Historical Review; 5th ed edition (July 2000)

Language: English

ISBN: 0935036539


This certainly looks like a true treasure to keep in mind when one is

Book Hunting.

Also listen to Pipers last Thursdays radio show:



Inside this show Piper certainly wipes the floor with Michael (Eric Jon) Phelps book

"Vatican Assassins" which documents that the Jesuits were behind

the Kennedy Assassination.

(2008 Pamela Ray: Not everyone agrees with this conclusion. http://www.vaticanassassins.org/jaz.htm )



Hi Lenny,

The investigation by Jim Garrison into the JFK Assassination is

the groundwork from which one should draw conclusions IMHO.

We saw Clay Shaw/Clay Bertrand : CIA

We saw Jack Ruby: Mafia

We saw David Ferrie: Mafia

We saw Lee Harvey Oswald: CIA and Official Approved Patsy

A good movie, which shows Jim Garrisons investigation in detail, is

JFK the Movie, by Oliver Stone. Inside that movie a whistle blower from

the Pentagon who calls himself Mister X, (Ray: L. Fletcher Prouty) played by Donald Sutherland, tells it was basically the Military Industrial Complex, who wanted JFK removed, as JFK wanted to close down the Vietnam Frenzy.

If we compare 911 with the JFK Assassination, we see that it’s DoD

inside the Pentagon who really pulls the strings. Why? Hmm who's got

the most biggest and expensive guns? Just look over the years since

1948, which department has had the biggest budgets approved by the

appropriations committee's. Without any doubt, it’s the US Military which has received the most cash all these years since WWII. Look at how the Bushes have fed the Military with excessive cash.

Who pulls the strings inside the US Military? Why don't you ask

this Desperate General's Wife, where she tells about Lee Harvey

Oswald and her husband, having had the same treatment, by abuse of

homosexual acts. Supervisors of key personnel by the Chiefs of Staff in

a homosexual fashion. How so called 'rising stars' are getting

'tail-hooked' and windup into a sexual extortion game for life. See how

she shows her diary and her current year book of CFR members. The Lady,

Kay Griggs is scared to death after almost beaten to death by her

husband. Her husband was a total mental wreckage, but is still in the

ranks of US Colonel. He was getting 'programmed' by his superiors on 2

hour boat trips. Listen how she tells about Henry Kissinger, where his

real name is actually Heinz Kissinger:

Kay Griggs, The Desperate General's Wife, talks about SHAPE and

Blackmail In US Government:


The above 6 hour interview is really a must see.

Now where does the US Military all of a sudden get all this weird

homosexual and sexual abuse practices from? Why should a Chief of Staff, (or is it more Piece of Shaft?), Commandant or Generals have sex orgies with hookers, whilst their lawful Wife's are being told to

better get used to this? Why are the Special Ops into these sexual

practices, and next turn into the devil during their special ops

killings, torturing wife's and children? Why does she speak of "The

German Disease", "A really old German culture", which has infected all

of the key staffers inside the Military? Why does she speak of

"getting Brownie Points" after special ops have killed innocent and

honest people?

Where does all this crap come from? Ain't it these Sabbathian,

Cabbalist and Frankist Elites which have done just the same during the

centuries? In 1947 Howard Watson Ambruster, writes in "Treason's Peace

- German Dyes and American Dupes " the following:

“THE HUGE INTERNATIONAL chemical combine and cartel leader that is known as I.G. Farben had its beginning some seventy-five years ago, with the founding in Germany of six small coal-tar companies. By 1939 these six companies had grown into the ominous-sounding INTERESSEN GEMEINSCHAFT FARBENINDUSTRIE AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT, of FRANKFORT am MAIN, which translated literally, means "community of interests of the dye manufacturing companies." I.G. Farben is usually discussed as a huge German cartel which controls chemical industries throughout the world and from which profits flow back to the headquarters in Frankfurt. Farben, however, is no mere industrial enterprise conducted by Germans for the extraction of profits at home and abroad. Rather, it is and must be recognized as a cabalistic organization which, through foreign subsidiaries and by secret tie-ups, operates a far-flung and highly efficient espionage machine-the ultimate purpose being world conquest-and a world super-state directed by Farben."

Kay Griggs tells that factions inside the US Military with

Zionist/Cabbalist beliefs basically want to kill-off all the good people. US Military staffers are getting awarded with "Brownie Points" for that.

Now who are the Military Industrial Complex? Aren't they The Millmans, The Kissingers, The Bushes, The Clintons, ex-Presidents and Prime

Ministers of approved blood lines (The Carlyle Group)? Why do some of

them (CFR members?) have double nationalities, both Israel and USA?

Now to your question, of how the Mossad was involved into the JFK

Assassination. I don't think so. Who done it then back in 1963? I bet it was the same covert special ops of the Military where Kay Griggs

was talking about, after having just had their dose of (homo)sexual

abuse. Please remember that Lee Harvey Oswald, David Ferrie and their

"programmer" Clay Shaw basically was also into these absurd gay

practices. Basically it’s a form of "traumatic" Mind Control:

In 1956 Dr. Wilhelm Reich (born in 1920) was murdered.


His work and discovery of Orgone Energy related to mind control is not

available to the public, in fact it was burned by the FDA in August

1956. It’s about mind programming and control through sexuality. Somehow energy of the sexual body is brought up to the mind. All of his work is confiscated and in EXCLUSIVE and ACTIVE USE by the US Government.

For more information see:

"The History of Mind Control"


(2008 Pamela Ray: Also see http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopol...formation07.htm warning! graphic information)

Didn't we today see a US Military Staffer, General Michael Hayden

getting confirmed as 20th CIA director?

Well that’s my emphasis added.

Best Regards,

Robert M. Stockmann

On 5/25/06, Robert M. Stockmann wrote:


Inside the google video

"Aktenzeichen 9/11"


Tom Flocco makes his final statements. Flocco claims that a

governmental cover-up of 911 has been proven without a shatter of a

doubt. The only question which remains is whether Bush and Cheney are

also the factual conspirators of 911. www.cloakanddagger.de,

www.iamthewitness.com and I currently come to the following


"911 was a Mossad Operation"


To what extent Bush en Cheney were aware of this Mossad operation,

which already started during the 1st Clinton presidency, is a very

good question.


Robert M. Stockmann


Robert M. Stockmann - RHCE

Network Engineer - UNIX/Linux Specialist

crashrecovery.org stock@stokkie.net


Robert M. Stockmann - RHCE

Network Engineer - UNIX/Linux Specialist

crashrecovery.org stock@stokkie.net

A good introduction to "Final Judgment" was written by Michael Collins Piper himself inside feralnews.com. This website however seems to have gone underground? I could retrieve a copy though from "the JEWISH tribal review" website at [2] :

Mossad and the JFK Assassination,

Michael Collins Piper, Feral News

"So while people have focused on how many assassins were involved,

and how many shots they fired at JFK and where the shots came from

and where the bullets hit, the real question of who was ultimately

responsible for the assassination-not who fired the bullets, but

who sponsored the assassins who fired those bullets-has been

ignored. Thus, to find out who is responsible for JFK's murder, we

have to find out WHY he was murdered-what motivated those who

orchestrated his assassination. Consider the wide-ranging array of

suspects that have been put forth: Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone;

The Soviet KGB; Fidel Castro; Anti-Castro Cubans; The "Mafia";

Rogue CIA operatives and anti-Castro Cubans in collaboration with

elements of "the Mafia"; J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI; Lyndon

Baines Johnson; Former Nazi intelligence officers; The Texas Oil

Barons; and The Military-Industrial Complex.

Ten years ago, in 1992, a new suspect was added to the list. Former

Rep. Paul Findley (R-Ill.) made the little-noticed but intriguing

comment in the March 1992 issue of The Washington Report on Middle

East Affairs that "it is interesting but not surprising to note

that in all the words written about the assassination of John F.

Kennedy, Israel's intelligence agency, the Mossad, has never been

mentioned, despite the obvious fact Mossad complicity is as

plausible as any of the other theories."

(2008 Pamela Ray: It is also interesting to note that when discussing the JFK assassination, the Vatican ties and Jesuit General better known as the “Black Pope” are not generally mentioned either with the exception of Eric Jon Phelps in his exhaustive work Vatican Assassins: Wounded in the House of My Friends. Michael Piper is deeply associated with American Free Press, a weekly newspaper out of Washington D.C. formerly published as the Spotlight, a creation of Liberty Lobby, run by Willis A Carto. Side note of relevance, the former AFP editor, Christopher Pethrick, was educated at Canisius a Jesuit College and is an active financial donor. http://www.canisius.edu/alumni/2008_donors.asp See class of 1993

As a subscriber since 1998, I noticed not a peep of truth about the Catholic Church or its Jesuits ever appears in the pages of AFP. What does any of this mean? I suggest surveillance of “truth organizations” is a clever ruse for “controlling of the extremes” and eventually the subscriber lists will be used to target genuine patriots who are concerned about the direction the country is headed. While I can appreciate the other information in AFP regarding Zionist Israel, the Mossad, False Flag operations etc…I have a sickening feeling about the true patriots being led down the path of TRUTH that doesn’t include the true perpetrators of their Holy War and self-inflicted Armageddon.)

What Findley did not know was at that very time I was in the process of preparing a volume contending that the Mossad role alongside the CIA in the JFK assassination, was, in fact, the big secret-the "missing link"-that explained the entirety of the JFK conspiracy. The Mossad role is what I have also called "the secret picture on the other side of the jigsaw puzzle" of the JFK assassination conspiracy.

My book summarizing this theory is entitled Final Judgment. What I

find quite remarkable is that while many Israelis today believe

that Israeli intelligence played a part in the assassination of

Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, many of Israel's friends in

America have reacted quite hysterically to my contention that the

Mossad played a role in the assassination of America's president.

In addition, although there are many who believe that the CIA had a

hand in the JFK assassination, quite a few of those same people are

fearful of mentioning the likelihood of a Mossad role.

(2008 Ray: Not as fearful as mentioning the Jesuits.)

Yet, as journalist Andrew Cockburn has pointed out:

"There has been since

almost the earliest days of the Israeli state and the earliest days

of the CIA a secret bond, basically by which Israeli intelligence

did jobs for the CIA and for the rest of American intelligence. You

can't understand what's been going on with American covert

operations and the Israeli covert operations until you understand

this secret arrangement." Cockburn's words are a rough overview of

the thesis that I have presented in Final Judgment.

Although Final Judgment has never been in any major bookstore since

it was first published nearly a decade ago, some 30,000 copies are

in circulation-more copies than more widely-publicized books on the

topic. It is truly an "underground best-seller." It is now in its

760-page fifth edition, documented with 1,114 footnotes. And on

November 9, Dar El Ilm Lilmalayin, the oldest and largest

privately-owned publishing house in the Middle East released the

first-ever Arabic-language edition.

In many respects, Final Judgment is more than a book about the JFK

assassination. It also reveals the hidden global power politics of

the last half of the 20th century. Final Judgment documents that in

1963 JFK was embroiled in a bitter secret conflict with Israeli

leader David Ben-Gurion over Israel's drive to build the atomic

bomb; that Ben-Gurion resigned in disgust, saying that because of

JFK's policies, Israel's "existence [was] in danger." Then upon

JFK's assassination, U.S. policy toward Israel began an immediate

180-degree turnaround. Israeli historian Avner Cohen's new book,

Israel and the Bomb, confirms the conflict between JFK and Israel

so powerfully that, Israel's Ha'aretz, declared Cohen's revelations

would "necessitate the rewriting of Israel's entire history." In

any case, Cohen pointed out, "the transition from Kennedy to

[Lyndon] Johnson . . . benefited the Israeli nuclear program."

Ethan Bronner, in the New York Times, called Israel's drive to

build a nuclear bomb "a fiercely hidden subject." This explains why

JFK researchers never considered an Israeli connection until Final

Judgment supplied the missing pieces, assembling "the secret

picture on the other side of the jigsaw puzzle." While all of this

presents a strong motive for Israel to strike against JFK, Final

Judgment also documents what Israeli journalist Barry Chamish says

is "a pretty cogent case" for Mossad collaboration with the CIA in

the assassination conspiracy.

The fact is that when New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison

prosecuted trade executive Clay Shaw with conspiracy in the

assassination, Garrison had stumbled upon the Mossad link. Although

(after his acquittal) Shaw was revealed to have been a CIA asset,

in 1963 Shaw served on the board of a Rome-based company,

Permindex, which was actually a front for a Mossad-sponsored arms

procurement operation. A primary shareholder in Permindex, the

Banque De Credit Internationale of Geneva, was not only the fiefdom

of Tibor Rosenbaum, a high-level Mossad official, but also the

chief money laundry for Meyer Lansky, "chairman" of the crime

syndicate and long-time Israeli loyalist. Chief executive of

Permindex was Louis Bloomfield of Montreal, a top figure in the

Israeli lobby and an operative of the Bronfman family, intimate

Lansky associates and leading patrons of Israel. Permindex was

clearly the Israeli link to the JFK assassination, so much so that

Jim Garrison himself later circulated the manuscript for a

never-published novel in which he fingered the Mossad as prime

mover behind the conspiracy although Garrison never otherwise

mentioned a Mossad connection publicly.

(Sorry folks, so far I haven't been able to find a wikipedia page about

Permindex. Just feed "Permindex" into your favorite web search engine.

Maybe start with reading the lobster article from 1983 [3].

As of Feb 23, 2008 there finally has been created a wikipage on Permindex.

More details about Permindex can be found inside "The Origins of PERMINDEX" [4]

quoting from "A Farewell to Justice" [5]. )

You may ask why Hollywood's so-called "radical film-maker" Oliver

Stone, whose film JFK was a virtual tribute to Garrison never

mentioned any of this. I would contend that Stone failed to mention

these details in JFK because the film was financed by Arnon

Milchan, an Israeli arms dealer linked to smuggling of materiel to

Israel's nuclear program-the very point of contention between JFK

and Israel. Milchan's role in the production of JFK is no secret,

by the way. He is listed in the credits as "executive producer,"

which, in Hollywood parlance, means that he was the "money man," so

to speak, behind the film."

[1] "Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy"

by Michael Collins Piper

Paperback: 768 pages

Publisher: American Free Press. (2nd printing/sixth edition (2005)

Language: English

ISBN: 0974548405

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/097454840...4523770-2822321 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/093503653...4391506-4678338

[2] "Mossad and the JFK Assassination"

by Michael Collins Piper, Feral News



[3] "Permindex: The International Trade in Disinformation"

reprinted by Steve Dorril

Lobster: the journal of parapolitics, intelligence and State Research, #3, 1983.

http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/lobster.htm (**) Inside the Lobster article the following is mentioned :

But the biscuit is taken by the US Labour Party who seem to have

survived the last decade peddling absolute garbage about Permindex

-- the conspiracy not only including the Kennedy assassination, but

also the domination of the West by the British! -- supplemented by

a disgusting dose of anti-Semitism.{14}

{14} "Betrayal: A Reconstruction of Certain Clandestine Events From

the Bay of Pigs to the Assassination of JFK" (Chicago, 1976). The Torbitt Memorandum: Nomenclature of An Assassination Cabal (privately printed in US circa 1970). Apparently the work of now dead lawyer David Copeland. One can only hope he wrote legal briefs better than he wrote this. USLP: Dope, Inc. Jeffrey Steinberg and

David Coleman (NY 1981).

Well what can I say? Steve Dorril "reprints" an old Lobster article from the 1980's on the Internet on Jan 6, 2007, to reaffirm anecdotes of evil anti-Semitism cases. Again, the person in question, lawyer David Copeland, is dead. And that’s how this "empire" works: first protect the truth with a kazillion bodyguard of lies, and at the same time silently remove the possible whistleblowers. The Saddam Hussein death sentence can be categorized likewise, remove the evidence before it hits you.

[4] "The Origins of PERMINDEX"

Posted by ce 399 on 21 April 2008 at 17:47 in Assassinations, Fascism

ce399 | research archive


[5] "A Farewell to Justice: Jim Garrison, JFK's Assassination, and the Case that Should Have Changed History"

by Joan Mellen, Pgs. 136-140.

Hardcover: 608 pages

Publisher: Potomac Books Inc. (November 15, 2005)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1574889737

ISBN-13: 978-1574889734





Archive for the 'Vatican Assassins' Category

Szymanski Overview: Recent Radio Shows

Saturday, May 27th, 2006

Three recent episodes of The Investigative Journal, from RBNlive, deserve mention. IJ is Greg Szymanski’s online radio companion to the Arctic Beacon internet blog.

Greg hosts two hours of live talk radio, five days a week, including holidays. That comes to ten hours per week, literally a part-time job just to listen. The good part is that these shows are all archived and downloadable for free (at the moment). Here is the link, once again, to the 2006 IJ archives: http://mp3.rbnlive.com/Greg06.html

Let’s start with the first interesting episode, which was cybercasted on Tue., May 16, 2006. It is a 2-hour debate between Eric Jon Phelps and Michael Collins Piper. As we already know, Phelps is the author of Vatican Assassins, which theorizes and attempts to prove that the spiritual leaders of the New World Order are the Jesuits. Piper is another RBNlive radio host who counters that the Zionists are the ones really in control. The debate is split into two 1-hour parts, and they can be heard here:



What makes this debate interesting is that I do not believe such a discussion has ever taken place within the conspiracy theory community. Regardless, Greg Szymanski has provided for us here something which even our own American government is incapable of providing for a national presidential election. That is, a real debate.

Greg has been seeking the “truth” as to who is behind the New World Order. This can be a delicate and dangerous endeavor, since a lot of fingers get pointed during the journey, a lot of scapegoats are vilified. Also, as discussed briefly in a previous posting, fighting the NWO is more important than trying to figure out who is “behind it.” Such was mentioned during this months podcast of Frequency23.

Does the “truth” appear at the end of Greg’s historical and historic debate? Not exactly. But listening to it makes you think, which, absent the “truth,” is the next best thing for a person to have.

In my opinion, Phelps comes out ahead by the end of this debate. Phelps provides enough evidence to support his theory, in comparison to Piper (who spends most of his time trying to debunk his opponent, rather than supporting his own argument). Piper does deploy one effective zinger, indicating that Phelp’s habit of citing biblical verse is subjective at best, since everyone has a slightly different interpretation of the New Testament. However Phelps succeeds in pointing out two devastating flaws in Piper’s counter thesis: first, the Jesuits have been around a lot longer than the (modern day political) Zionists; further, Israel has deeded the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to the Vatican (along with most of the Old City).


Senator Byrd revealed his "justifications" for criminal activity to me as well. He used me as a sounding board even though he knew I was incapable of input or response. He rehearsed in keeping with his motto "The only way we can fail, is to fail to think of an excuse."

Byrd "justified" mind-control atrocities as a means of thrusting mankind into accelerated evolution, according to the Neo-Nazi principles to which he adhered. He "justified" manipulating mankind’s religion to bring about the prophesied biblical "world peace" through the "only means available"—total mind control in the New World Order.

"After all," he proclaimed, "even the Pope and Mormon Prophet know this is the only way to peace and they cooperate fully with The Project."

Byrd also "justified" my victimization by saying, "You lost your mind anyway, and at least you have destiny and purpose now that it’s mine." Our country’s involvement in drug distribution, pornography, and white slavery was justified" as a means of "gaining control of all illegal activities world wide" to fund Black Budget covert activity that would "bring about world peace through world dominance and total control".

He adhered to the belief that,

"95% of the (world’s) people WANT to be led by the 5%", and claimed this can be proven because "the 95% DO NOT WANT TO KNOW what really goes on in government".


Please prove Senator Byrd wrong!!!


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