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Biography: Tom Jeffers

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I grew up in a working class family. My father was a self employed construction contractor. I started his working career as a laborer for my father during weekends and summers when I turned 12 years old. During the early 70’s I worked for a promotion company that promoted Robert Groden’s lecture that included the Zapruder film and have been a student of the Kennedy Assasination ever since. Several years after finishing high school, I started my family and worked to complete my college in the evenings while working full time as a retail manager. After receiving my Associate degree in Accounting, I went to work for a local Public Accountant while continuing my education for a Bachelors degree. In 1985 I started my current accounting practice. After finishing school I sat and passed the CPA exam and was first licensed by the state of Indiana in 1991. I had been active coaching youth football, basketball, and baseball, am a member of the Indiana CPA Society, was an honor student in college, and past vice president of the Jaycees.

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