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Lobster 55

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The latest edition of Lobster is now available.


The current issue includes reviews of John Kelin’s Praise From a Future Generation and Edward Haslam’s Dr Mary’s Monkey.

There are also an article about the death of David Kelly (details have already been posted by David Guyatt):


There are also articles on the Privitization of the Railways, The Decadence of our Political System, Children and the Official Secrets Act, The Dismantling of Yugoslavia, The Cecil King Coup Plot of 1968, Philip Agee, Falsehold, Distortion and Propaganda in the Global Media, Sir James Goldsmith, QinetiQ Scandal and Princess Diana Inquest. There are also brief items about subjects like the MLK assassination, Litvinenko, Robert Gates, etc.

The editor of Lobster, Robin Ramsay, is a member of this Forum and I hope he will be willing to discuss his latest book, Politics and Paranoia.

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Guest David Guyatt
Lobster is a wonderful magazine and source of real information. [i always wondered why it was so named....however]. It and CAIB in the USA were the cutting edge. To both magazines [even thought one is now defunct] I say Presente!.....

Peter, There was a reason that name was chosen but I no longer can recall if it was because lobster's are bottom feeders...

Maybe if Robin visit's he can explain why. I think, though, that the name was suggested by Steve Dorrill.

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