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Biography: Brian Benson

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I work as a telecommunications engineer in Minneapolis.

I was born as JFK was getting ready to accept the Democratic Nomination. So my memory of events comes from what I read in textbooks. Oh and from a visit to Dallas and seeing first hand just how small Dealey Plaza really is in reallife. I learned at an early age that good grades could be achieved by memorizing exactly what the textbooks said - and I was good at it. But later in life, the real world taught me that things are not always the way they are reported in textbooks and newspapers. After about 40 years as a SBT follower, I now know the story is much bigger.

Now I question everything and have more questions than answers. And when work is slow, I pass the time researching things that I question. So for me, JFK is a hobby, but it can become an obsession. For instance, my Christmas presents included a JFK book and my daughter's drawing of Dealey Plaza for my notes. It is my escape from life as a single-parent of boys playing soccer and a daughter starting College.

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