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As for Michael Townley, I think I told you about him in my last letter to you and he never changed his hair. We operated on different levels so to speak and he was well known as a Lt. Col. in the DINA and as wife Maria said to the press after the bombing in D.C., “My husband was a killing machine for the CIA and now he is a talking machine for the news media…” That was when Michael rolled over on everyone and took the plea bargain for the bombing and only got five years and that bombing took two lives on “Sheridan Circle AKA Embassy Row.” [Letelier] Yes, she was very disappointed in her husband. But she too was a true assassin and very good at it. At one point she all most had me convinced to terminate Michael when we were all living together in Chile, just outside of Santiago, about 4,000 feet up in the mountains in a 9 room house. There was her, Michael, their 3 kids and me. I think it was 3 kids, one of them could have been her niece, I really don’t remember. I just felt the kids should not be there in the house. I was always worried about the army coming there and giving us a problem. Also, we had some nasty characters coming there to see us, as we, or I was working with the Death Squads at that time with Bosch and a few others.

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