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The Badgeman Twins

Guest Duncan MacRae

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Guest Duncan MacRae

Bill Miller has accused me of copying and pasting Badgeman next to Badgeman in a copy of Jack White's best print.

I am posting the images, one in the original format, and one which has been coloured by me. Both show the same thing, and I can assure everyone that I certainly did no copying and pasting. I think Bill just needs a rest.

The point of me posting in the first instance was to ask Bill why Jack's image was valid, and why my Badgeman is not.

Here is his last response.

If you are talking about your pasting a copy of Badge Man next to Badge Man ... it is not what I was talking about.

Bill Miller

Here is my analysis showing the 2nd Badgeman. Make up your own mind


Duncan MacRae

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