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Treatment of Administrators and Moderators

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I am also a member of KUMB, a West Ham football forum. This message was posted on the KUMB forum this morning. They reflect my own views on this forum.

Enough is Enough

All posts directed at moderators of this site within the past 24 hours (not to mention various PMs and emails received). As the title says - enough is enough.

One thing I, as site owner, am not going to have is members come on here (from behind the safety of their keyboards) and abuse the very people that willingly give up their time, for free, to ensure you all have a site to post on.

Several members here are on very sticky ground at the moment. If anyone is unhappy with the way that this forum is run, or feels that they have unresolveable issues with those that run it, then perhaps they would be better served by finding somewhere else to vent their collective spleens.

If any members have issues regarding myself, my team or the running of this website then they may contact any of us by Private Message and we'll willingly discuss those issues.

If you opt to ignore this request and choose to be rude, disrespectful or even just plain abusive towards my team on the forums - as did those at the top of this post - then don't complain when you find that your membership of this site has been revoked.

We are all here for one common good (well, apart from that wally Luke of course). To quote a much-missed friend of mine, "opinions are like arseholes - we all have one".

All we ask is that you respect the opinions of others - regular members or moderators - even if you disagree.

Thank you,


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