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Researchers Win Prestigious Award For JFK Study

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Good Day.... Congratulations Stu and the Team aniEXCLAIMgrows.gif

For everyone's info....


The study is available for everyone, here....



Researchers Win Prestigious Award For JFK Study

(Media-Newswire.com) - Three Texas A&M University researchers whose

work determined that evidence used to rule out a second shooter in

the 1963 assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy was

fundamentally flawed have been recognized with a prestigious national


Dr. Cliff Spiegelman and Dr. Simon J. Sheather, professors of

statistics in the Texas A&M Department of Statistics, and Dr. William

D. James, a research chemist with the Texas A&M Center for Chemical

Characterization and Analysis ( CCCA ), were honored by the American

Statistical Association ( ASA ) with its 2008 Statistics in Chemistry

Award, which recognizes outstanding collaborative endeavors between

statisticians and chemists.

Also sharing in the award for their roles in the joint project:

William A. Tobin, former Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI )

agent and forensic scientist; D. Max Roundhill, former head of the

Department of Chemistry at Washington State University and a current

consultant with Austin-based Chem Consulting; and Stuart Wexler, a

humanities and advanced placement government instructor at Highstown

High School in New Jersey.

The award, which includes a $2,000 cash prize, was presented to team

members for their paper, “Chemical and Forensic Analysis of JFK

Assassination Bullet Lots: Is a Second Shooter Possible?” published

in Annals of Applied Statistics in 2007.

In challenging the evidence for the lone-gunman theory, the team

conducted a chemical and forensic analysis of bullets reportedly

derived from the same batch as those used by suspected Kennedy

assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. Using new compositional analysis

techniques not available in the 1960s, the team determined that the

bullet fragments involved in the assassination are not nearly as rare

as previously reported, leading to the recommendation that the bullet

fragments be reanalyzed.

The selection committee for the award, which is sponsored by the

Chemometrics Committee of the ASA Section on Physical and Engineering

Sciences ( SPES ), lauded the Texas A&M-led team for general

excellence in all aspects, from choice of subjects to methodology.

“This is an exemplary paper,” the committee stated. “The subject is

of interest to a large audience, and the research was done carefully,

with all the steps clearly described. It truly demonstrates a

powerful statistics application in the chemistry area with a good

combination of statistics and chemistry expertise.”

Sheather accepted the award earlier this month on the group’s behalf

as part of the 168th annual Joint Statistical Meetings, held August 3-7

in Denver. As the largest gathering of statisticians in North

America, it is held jointly with the ASA, the International Biometric

Society ( ENAR and WNAR ), the Institute of Mathematical Statistics

and the Statistical Society of Canada and attended by more than 5,000


Founded in Boston in 1839, the ASA is the nation’s preeminent

professional statistical society and includes 18,000 members serving

in academia, govern me nt, and industry and the public.

For additional information about Spiegelman or his research, visit http://www.stat.tamu.edu/~cliff/.

To learn more about the ASA and related award programs, go to http://www.amstat.org.

Contact: Shana K. Hutchins, ( 979 ) 862-1237 or

shutchins@science.tamu.edu or Dr. Cliff Spiegelman, ( 979 ) 845-3141

or cliff@stat.tamu.edu


Best Regards in Research,


Don Roberdeau

U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, CV-67, "Big John," Plank Walker

Sooner, or later, The Truth emerges Clearly

Discovery: ROSEMARY WILLIS Zapruder Film Documented 2nd Headsnap : Westward, Ultrafast, & Directly Towards the "Grassy Knoll"

Dealey Plaza Professionally-surveyed Map Detailing 11-22-63 Victims locations, Witnesses, Photographers, Suspected trajectories, Evidentiary artifacts, & Important information & considerations

President KENNEDY "Men of Courage: 4 Principles" speech, and a portion of fellow researchers articles and my research & discoveries, 1975 to present

T ogether

E veryone

A chieves

M ore


National Terror Alert for the United States:


"Drehm seemed to think the shots came from in FRONT OF or BESIDE

the President." (my EMPHASIS)

----CHARLES F. BREHM, a combat gunfire experienced, United States

Army Ranger, World War II, D-day veteran, & very close Dealey Plaza

attack witness, quoted only minutes after the attack, and while he

is still standing within Dealey Plaza (11-22-63 "Dallas Times Herald,"

fifth & final daily edition, which mis-spelled his name)

"Another eyewitness, Charles Brehm, said he was 15 feet away from the

President when he was shot.

'He was waving, then the FIRST shot hit him and that awful look

crossed his face.' " (my EMPHASIS)

CHARLES F. BREHM, a combat gunfire experienced, United States Army

Ranger, World War II, D-day veteran, & very close Dealey Plaza attack

witness (quoted to the "Associated Press," 11-22-63)

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