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Robert: "There is something profoundly disturbing in recalling that Army Intelligence, the U S Army and the extreme right of the 1950's & 1960's, rationalized their prejudices and hatred, by virtue of the Ultimate Conspiracy Theory, called the Protocols of Zion, which, in reality was written by the very same individuals who were persecuting the Jews in the first place......"

and introduced in the US of A by Hitlers pal, Henry Ford.


Another factor re. Steiner is his "anti-'ubermensherism' ".

He taught that all individuals are complete, though some live only partly in the material world and alll have a role to play in the mosaic of Humanity. eg. the most disabled is a teacher that by his/her existence demands that the carer grows in undertanding and begins to recognise the Humanity in the rejected and so in self, and that atittude is definitely not compatible with the psychopathic killers that Hitler needed and nurtured.

Steiners extremely compassionate and empathic ways of dealing with what Hitler would consider undesirables (like mental/physical 'defectives' et.c ), to be exterminated (and communists, the last threat in his ascendancy) early on and thus Nazi and Steinerist were put in direct opposition.

So, it's not surprising that Steiner and his followers were targeted.

Steiner did break with the traditional Theosophists, and formed what we know as Anthroposophy. While there is an element of mysticism, one can perhaps compare him with diverse person from many fields, eg. Hundertwasser and Bhagawan Shree Rajhneesh (Osho) (another poss. assassination victim : he claimed that his jailers sewed a radioacive button into his prison oranges at the kidney area, which led to his unexpected post exile death) an Indian Psychiatrist, at one time regarded as one of the greatest PsychoTherapist of all time by respected Psychiatrists and PsychoTherapists globally. They both bent the conventional in order to foster a better world.

The mystcal element is a factor in all these things as some things are only truly known through direct experience, and, naturally, to the unexperienced pre-rogrammed individuals, the analogies take on that flavour, and are therefore pre judged as such. Particularly in any society which is slanted in the opposite direction.

ps. Another that comes to mind is Willhelm Reich, who was, in a sense, assassinated by the US Food ang Drug Administration. (most likely. I speculate, a use of a Department, by forces outside of it. Fairly obviously anti-communists. (IMO))

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