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New book: Enter the Past Tense

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Coasttocoastam, the worldwide radio program, had as its guest last night Roland Haas, who was a paid assassin for the CIA for many years. He has written a book about his experience and below is a biographical sketch from the book's website.

In answer to a question on the radio program, Haas said that he did not believe Oswald acted alone and that there was a conspiracy afterwards to cover up the role played by others. He said JFK's assassination could well have involved rogue officers employed by the CIA.

His interview confirmed in my mind how "normal" and "routine" it would have been for LBJ to have a stone killer, Mac Wallace, on call to perform wet jobs when so ordered by LBJ. Haas was employed by the CIA. Wallace was an economist with the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. Both carried out their hits while being employed by agencies of the U.S. government.



By Roland W. Haas

978-1-59797-086-0 Cloth $24.95 6 x 9 320 pages


While at Purdue University on an NROTC scholarship in 1971, Roland Haas was recruited to become a CIA deep clandestine operative. He underwent intensive training to prepare for insertion into hostile areas, including High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) parachuting and weapons instruction. In the course of his first mission (to East and West Germany, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bulgaria, Romania, and Austria), he assassinated several international drug dealers. On his return, he was thrown into an Iranian prison, where was physically and psychologically tortured. Over the next thirty years, he served the agency on an as-needed basis, engaging in such activities as hunting down and eliminating members of the Red Army Faction and extracting Soviet Spetsnaz officers from East Germany. His cover jobs included being a part owner of an Oakland health club, which brought him into close contact with steroid abuse in professional athletics, drug abuse in general, and the Hell’s Angels, whom he believes tried to have him killed. He also served in Germany as site commander for the Conventional Forces in Europe weapons treaty. His most recent cover was as the deputy director of intelligence in the U.S. Army Reserve Command, which involved him with the Guantanamo detention facility.

The gripping story of one man’s journey from skinny, troubled immigrant kid to highly trained covert operations specialist working for the CIA during the Cold War

Contains a foreword by former intelligence officer Col. Ben Malcom, USA (Ret.), author of White Tigers: My Secret War in Korea

Please send copies of any reviews or articles referencing this title to Claire Noble at the letterhead address. For an author interview or any additional information, please contact Claire Noble at 703.996.1017 or Claire@booksintl.com.

22841 Quicksilver Drive Dulles, Virginia 20166-2012 Tel 703.661.1548 Fax 703.661.1547

Contact: Claire Noble Phone: 703.996.1017 claire@booksintl.com

About the Author Roland Haas

Roland Haas served thirty years as a CIA deep clandestine operative. He also taught English composition, as well as German, Russian, and English literature at Purdue University, University of Maryland and the University of California at Berkeley. Presently he is assistant deputy chief of staff for intelligence and command senior intelligence officer of the U.S. Army Reserve Command at Fort McPherson, Georgia. He lives with his wife, Marilyn, and children, Annemarie and Damien, in Peachtree, Georgia.


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