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Al Fordiani

Al Fordiani

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I was born in 1960 and grew up in Connecticut; I graduated from MIT (BS Biology) in 1982; and Harvard (M Ed.) in 1994. I currently teach high school physics and robotics and in Massachusetts. I love climbing, skiing, and baseball and have a beautiful wife, Rita, and two children.

My interest (obsession) in the Kennedy assassination began when I was 10 or so years old and home one day sick from school. With nothing to do, I picked up a book off of my parent’s bookshelf: the Warren Commission report. I was absolutely fascinated, a real-life detective story. And my fascination increased ten-fold when on the same day, I picked up the book next to it, Mark Lane’s Rush to Judgment. And my own bookshelf is now full of dozens of Kennedy assassination titles.

I am not a primary researcher, but do feel that I have a keen mind to critically analyze. I believe the work that is done to search for the truth has been and continues to be critically important in the battle to preserve some sort of democracy. We must try. We owe our children, and theirs.

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