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Guest Gary Loughran

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Guest Gary Loughran

I know this is a kite flying exercise and I haven't fully, yet, established everything clearly in my own mind; so bear with me.

Perhaps this has been suggested previoulsy - my quick search revealed nothing - so apologies if I have jumped someone elses train on this.

Say 'friendly' sources gave the Kennedy clan some anti-castro names and said they were definitely involved in the murder of JFK. Obviously some of these names would have been known to Bobby due to his involvement with some of these folk and/or their comrades in arms. The sense of betrayal would be immense I'd imagine, as would the need for revenge. I get the impression that Bobby would be swift to react, puposefully, on this information.

Say these 'friendly' sources also submitted information about whereabouts, time and place of an anti-Castro or other operation that could be easily hijacked and lead to the death of those involved. This could easily be explained to the broader anti-Castro constituency as a mission gone wrong: an acceptable casualty of war, as it were.

Of course, given the duality of the sources these deaths would solve more than one purpose. It would, at a stroke, eliminate direct combatants in the murder with a plausible enough premise (failed op) as well as wholly compromise Bobby in the matter. It also compromises the whole lone nutter aspect - so both side have something to gain and lose in this.

Now if Bobby was going to be president and all the bluffs called who would fold first. It seems neither side folded, instead, Bobby was eliminated from the equation. If Nixon knew, as he was involved in a lot of Cuban affairs, then perhaps 'the whole Bay of Pigs thing' takes on a different, broader, perspective than just the JFK murder. This part only came to me typing this - so forgive me if this is all too naive

Just some thoughts I've been having.

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