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Guest Tom Scully

I am a reader of your JFK discussion forum. I am a middle aged male from the US, living with and caring for a wife impaired by an ischemic stroke some years ago.

My circumstances (a fair amount of free time) and natural curiousity have afforded me the opportunity to take up research I've long wanted to pursue. Genealogy was first, and, after viewing the study of what really happened in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, as something to avoid because so many have taken it up already, I've recently plunged into it.

My background includes completion of several years of university undergraduate classwork, 16 years work in the field of production planning and inventory control in custom carbon steel wire processing and in the cold rolling and slitting of aluminum coil (strip) in custom ordered dimensions and quantities. More recently, I owned and managed, for seven years, a vehicle repair facility, employing 18, and specializing in the repair of collision damaged, late model passenger vehicles,

Since my wife's illness, I've worked at home trading US markets common stock shares and options on my own account, and I am employed part time as wait staff at a well known fine dining restaurant, mostly as a means of interaction with the public which puts my considerable customer relations skills to practical use.

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