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Should we add Altgens to the mysterious death list?

Jack White

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James Altgens and his wife died in their bed of carbon monoxide poisoning

on December 15, 1995.

I am doing a restudy of the alleged Altgens series of photos in Dealey Plaza.


Jack, any further details on the deaths. I was listening again to M. Brown's interview yesterday and she listed MANY persons who died mysteriously and with sinister timing in the talk!...if you want to add more names, just listen to that again. My own feeling is the 'JFK Assassination' was actually the assassination of several hundreds.

Tonight I found the death date of Richard Bothun, who took photos standing near Altgens. It was 1981.

About two years before he had allowed me to borrow his negatives taken on 11-22 to make prints,

which are now widely circulated on the internet.

When I met him about 1979-80, I remember him being in his 40s or early 50s. Based on this I think he

died way before his time. He lived in Fort Worth and commuted to Dallas to his job at the M-K-T railroad

offices two blocks from the Plaza, on Main. In 1963, he would have been perhaps in his 20s or early

30s. I remember him looking much different than the man seen in Zapruder beside Altgens. I remember

him as tall and thin, not stocky.

Another mystery death?


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