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disco photos of Obama

Jack White

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Considering the source and how nearly everything I've found on "The Daily Squib" points to satire with less humor than the Onion, I'm voting fake.

Here's an example from their site.


Under Bush's rule the Israelis have had a field day to engage in their genocidal bloodbath and as a token of their gratitude they presented the outgoing president with a gift that he will cherish in his torture room in Texas.

"The president always likes to keep mementos of his atrocities upon the human populace. He has a pair of electrodes that he kept from Abu Ghraib, a waterboard from Gitmo, a depleted uranium baby from Iraq and a few photographs of Palestinian children burnt to crisps by Israel's illegal use of white phosphorus and genocide," Tzipi Livni told Ha'aretz.

Or this


titled "Katie Holmes Escape Attempt Fails Again"

If that site had an article saying the sky was blue, rain was wet, and fire was hot I would feel the need to check each one of those myself.

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