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Guest Tom Scully

Just some food for thought....

Najeeb Halaby, father of Lisa Halaby, aka Queen Noor of Jordon.


The very best men: four who dared : the early years of the CIA - Page 357

Evan Thomas - 1996 - 432 pages - Preview

Wisner worked very long hours. "He would be in at eight and still working at eight, with Polly on the phone, telling him he was late to dinner," said Arthur Jacobs. Wisner could be an enthusiastic schemer. He tried to hire away Najeeb...



He was a graduate of The Leelanau School, a boarding school in Glen Arbor Township Leelanau County, Michigan, and is enshrined in that school's Hall of Fame. An alumnus of Stanford University (1937) and Yale Law School (1940), he served as a U.S. Navy test pilot in World War II.

After the war he served as the U.S. State Department's civil aviation advisor to King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia, helping the king develop Saudi Arabian Airlines. Next he worked as an aide to Secretary of Defense James Forrestal in the late 1940s, then helped Paul Nitze write NSC 68.

He joined Laurance Rockefeller's family office in 1953 reviewing investments in civil aviation.

From 1961 to 1965, he served as the second Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, appointed by President John F. Kennedy. Halaby was a proponent for the creation of the U.S. Department of Transportation, which occurred during his time in the Lyndon Johnson administration. From 1969 to 1972, he served as CEO, and chairman after 1970, of Pan Am. As Pan Am chairman, he was present at the christening of the first Boeing 747 aircraft.


Crosswinds: an airman's memoir

Najeeb E. Halaby - 1978 - 371 pages - Snippet view

There Trippe had always had complete faith in Sam Pryor, his Yale classmate, and Willis Player, his VP for public affairs. Trippe and Pryor had in the forties and fifties developed the largest network of consultants all over the United ...


Newsweek: Volume 133, Issues 3-13

1999 - Snippet view

Born in America and converted to Islam only on the eve of her marriage, she is known to some of her disgruntled stepchildren as the king" s "CIA wife." At 47, Queen Nooral-Hussein— aka Lisa Halaby, Princeton class of 1975— still enjoys .


Queen Noor: American-born queen of Jordan - Page 26

Lucia Raatma - 2006 - 112 pages - Preview

But the time away from school helped her think about what was important to her, and her experiences at the Aspen Institute inspired her. When she returned to Princeton the next year, she declared a major in architecture and urban ...



I suspect a major objective of the Aspen Institute is to project the reputation of Henry Crown in a very positive way. Crown's grandson, James, is quoted in Paul Nitze's obituary, linked above.


The Middle East, abstracts and index: Part 2

Library Information and Research Service - 2000 - Snippet view

... at the time he was hired for the commission, the attorney for Chicago billionaire Henry Crown. Crown was not only tied in with the Lansky syndicate, but he has also been a bankroller for lsrael's nuclear development industry. ..


Baseball Digest - Oct 1951 - Page 67

94 pages - Magazine - Full view

Amplewaisted, fifty - six - year- old Weiss is general manager of the American League Baseball Club of New York, ... contractor Del Webb and millionaire Dan Topping) a creamy 40 per cent on their original investment, after taxes.


....Two prominent Greenwich residents in the early 1960s, Sam Pryor, one of the early officials of Pan American Airways, and George M. Weiss, former general manager of the New York Yankees and New York Mets, played instrumental roles in furthering the prestige of the Old Timers organization. Their national influence provided the force behind recruiting top sports celebrities to participate as honorees at the early sports dinners, including boxing greats Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney and baseball figures like Ford Frick, Mel Allen, Yogi Berra and Gil Hodges....

Edited by Tom Scully
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