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I was born in Perth, Western Australia in 1959 but now reside on Queensland's Gold Coast. I was a former Security Consultant, personally training police officers and private bodyguards in unarmed combat. In semi-retirement, I now instruct exclusive clients in personal self-defense.

I have studied the assassination of John F. Kennedy for the last 15 years and I am very interested in the photographic record. I have also researched the involvement of Cuban exiles, their various militant groups and their links to government agencies. My main focus has been David Morales and his connections to the likes of Johnny Roselli and John Martino.

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My guy is now also an award winning film maker. He took home the 'Best Foreign Film' award at the Action on Film Festival in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. :lol:


Tell us about it James. What was the film about?

It's no big deal, John.

It's a 17 minute short/teaser for a proposed feature length film that is designed for the action market. Two large U.S. production companies are currently interested in "moving the project forward" as they say.

Time will tell.

If so motivated, one can check out the website - http://www.elpistolerodeldiablo.com/


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