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Nanci Blom

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I am Nanci Blom from northern California, USA. I am interested in the JFK assassination debate on this forum. Having lived through that tragic time, it has only been the last twelve years that I have been researching the topic in a quest for the truth.

My primary focus, however, is actually on Ted Kennedy and his infamous accident in 1969 on the Martha's Vineyard island of Chappaquiddick. It is my firm belief that Ted was the innocent victim of a power elite plot to keep him (the final Kennedy brother) out of the Oval office. Many other researchers also agree that a "shadow government" is behind all three Kennedy tragedies.

I have an extensive Kennedy library and subscribe to a few JFK research publications as well as belong to a couple of JFK research forums. I look forward every year to attending a JFK conference in Dallas on the anniversary of the assassination.

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