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Who assassinated Dale Stoffel?

John Simkin

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Dale Stoffel was gunned down on his way into Baghdad at the height of the insurgency in Iraq in 2004. Stoffel, who was in Iraq to negotiate arms deals, was being driven by his friend, Joseph Wemple. The killing had all the hallmarks of an assassination. Wemple was shot once through the eye at long distance while driving at 90mph. Stoffel was shot six times after the car crashed. Soon afterwards a tape from an unknown jihadist group called Stoffel a “CIA shadow director” and “close friend of George Bush.”

It appeared a closed-case. However, it has been recently revealed that Stoffel was a whistleblower who claimed that two senior US army officers, Colonel Anthoney Bell and Lieutenant-Colonel Ronald Hirtle, were taking bribes and were corruptly distributing the $125 billion Iraq reconstruction effort. It seems that it was Bell and Hirtle who were the real close friends of George Bush.

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