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Director of Industrial Security at the Fort Worth, Tx, General Dynamics plant, I.B. Hale is on record communicating with the FBI at 10:00 pm on 22 November, 1963, related to some irrelevant suspect in the newly commenced investigation of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy;


However, neither Hale nor the FBI ever pointed out that Hale's estranged wife, Virginia, recalled quite well, her own interaction with Lee Harvey Oswald.



If Virginia Hale had such a strong recollection of LHO when she was interviewed by the FBI five months after the assassination, wouldn't her recollection have been strong enough to influence her to advise I.B. Hale of her interaction with LHO, before 10:00 pm on 22 November? Doesn't it seem that the FBI deliberately withheld everything related to the Hales, the parents of the man married to Connally's daughter and investigated in her 1959 shooting death, the parents of the twins observed by the FBI burglarizing the Los Angeles apartment of Judith Exner? Isn't this series of ommissions, obstruction of justice by the FBI's top officials, related to the investigation of the crime of the century?

....In addition to the examples quoted above, excerpted from an earlier post on this thread, Hoover and his FBI conveniently omitted other information, which seems by it's omission to magnify the suspicion of a conspiracy, involving the FBI's former SA IB Hale, employed by General Dynamics in a role of chief of it's industrial security in 1963.

Observe how the details in this article posted by Bill Kelly on the "Patrick Hoy" thread mesh with a name and street address displayed in this document which the DOJ, the FBI, and the WC left unqualified as one of the WC Report's exhibits, even more troubling because it was related to how Oswald was said to have been introduced to Max Clark, yet another General Dynamics security person, and to his White Russian wife.:

...Born Insall Bailey Hale, September 9, 1916, in Elmont, Texas, IB Hale devoted his life to the professionalism of the industry through his activities in ASIS, his career with the FBI, and in his capacity as Manager of Industrial Security with General Dynamics, Forth Worth Division...


Robert “Bobby” Hale, the Scripture-quoting “Papa Pilgrim” who used the Bible to pound subservience into his 15 children, went before a judge in Alaska last month, looking old and frail beyond his 66 years as he learned his punishment — 14 years behind bars — for sexually assaulting one of his daughters.

Prison time is only the latest chapter in the bizarre life of Hale, the son of a legendary TCU football player. He grew up in the west Fort Worth neighborhood of Ridglea Hills, attended Arlington Heights High School and, at age 18, eloped with the 16-year-old daughter of one of the most powerful and famous politicians in Texas history....

...Young wife’s death

Hale was a senior at Arlington Heights High when he eloped with his girlfriend, Kathleen Connally, a junior. They married in Ardmore, Okla., moved into a modest apartment in Tallahassee, Fla., and began a marriage of young hope.

It would last just over a month.

Kathleen Connally Hale died April 28, 1959, from a shotgun blast behind her right ear. She was pregnant. Her husband spent the next night in jail, a Star-Telegram report said at the time. But the death was later ruled an accident, caused when the gun discharged as Hale tried to take it from his wife.

Described as incoherent in the hours after his wife’s death, Hale was said to have later passed a lie-detector test, and his fingerprints were not found on the gun, despite the report that he had grabbed for it. So, authorities determined, Kathleen died during “a little squabble like kids will have.”

It meant an end to Hale’s brief role as son-in-law to John Connally, then a confidant to Sen. Lyndon Baines Johnson and an attorney for Fort Worth millionaires Sid Richardson and Perry Bass. John Connally later became governor of Texas and was wounded in the assassination of President Kennedy.

Connally, who died in 1993, wrote in his autobiography that he had been told that there may have been a suicide pact between his firstborn child and her new husband, and that “Bobby backed out.”

“I could not shake my doubts that Kathleen would never have taken her own life if her young husband had been … kind and considerate to her in the dark moments she must have experienced,” Connally wrote. As he searched for answers, he said he was troubled by what his daughter’s landlady in Tallahassee told him: “She said she thought Kathleen was afraid — of what, she did not know.”

She would not be the last 16-year-old Hale would take as a companion. His future wife and the mother of the 15 children on Hillbilly Heaven ranch was reportedly the same age when Hale courted her in the 1970s.

All-American’s family

More than 3,500 miles and a world of difference separate the primitive ranch in Alaska — where Papa Pilgrim held court over his flock — and the home on tree-lined Fortune Road in west Fort Worth where Bobby Hale grew up with his twin brother, Billy, and younger brother, Tommy.

Their mother, Virginia, was an accomplished bridge player. Their father, I.B. Hale, was an All-American lineman for the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs football team and its captain during the team’s undefeated national championship season in 1938. He was a good friend and college roommate of another famous TCU player, Davey O’Brien....


On the library shelf, next to Larry Hancock's book titled "Someone Would Have Talked" should be another book titled, "Uncorrupted WC Investigators Would Have Been Curious Investigators."

[PDF]Warren Commission, Volume XXII: CE 1389 - FBI report dated May 19 ...

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View

On May 13, 1964, Mrs. VIRGINIA 13ALS, 6475 Fortune Road, ... Mrs . HALE stated she did not give the names of MAX CLARK or PETER GREGORY ...



Edited by Tom Scully
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