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I am a 64 year old entrepreneur in the internet industry. My wife and I live in Dallas, TX. My educational background includes law, accounting, and business.

I sent two tours of duty as an infantry officer in Viet Nam.

Six years ago, I started an investigation into the death of my father, Harold Eugene (aka Buddy) Vest. He was discovered hanged in his cabinet shop in Gainesville, TX in 1946. His body was clothed in a girdle and woman’s panties, leading to the presumption that the manner of his death was accidental while performing an autoerotic act of asphyxiation. However, from my investigation, it is clear that Dad was murdered during an interrogation by torture and humiliation.

The motive of the interrogation by torture and subsequent murder is not known. However, circumstances suggest a present day interest by an intelligence agency in the subject of the interrogation.

There were two individuals located across the street from the crime scene: a sailor (later to become a CIA employee; died in 2000) and a person dressed as a soldier (died in 2004).

Dad had been assigned to Camp Custer, Battlecreek, MI in 1943 through 1945. During part of that time, James Jesus Angleton attended a course given by the Military Police at Camp Custer during 1943. Angleton’s wife’s uncle (deceased), a mining engineer, located in El Paso in 1946 did business with an individual closely associated with the soldier on the scene. Although he was discharged from the Army six months earlier, the soldier was on the scene of Dad’s murder dressed in the uniform of a PFC.

Dad was sent to the ETO in March 1945. He was assigned to the 711th Engineer Base Depot Company at the port of Antwerp. Investigative results indicate a possible involvement by Major General Clayton Bissell, War Department G-2 (Intelligence) until 26 Jan 1946. His next assignment was to the London Embassy as Military Attaché.

My interest in the forum is to ascertain if there is any connection between intelligence agents and agencies involved in the Kennedy Assassination or Watergate to the death of my dad. It is known that the sailor was in the CIA during the period that both of these operations were being conducted.

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