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Hi EvanS

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Hi EvanS, nice of y'all to visit us so regularly at DPF.

Just thought I would bring it to your attention that some fellow by the name of Evan Marshall over here does not have the required photo. Naturally I am shocked (SHOCKED) at this since most are not allowed to post here without one. Yet this version of Evan (Evan 2.0) is allowed to post without a photo.

If you need help photoshopping pictures so that "Evan Marshall" can have something to upload, please don't hesitate to ask.

Y'all know where to find us.


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Thanks for bringing that to our attention, Myra. I'll let John and Andy know about it; I deal with the Political Conspiracies board mainly, and this other Evan has not posted here. He posts on the JFK section.

Be aware though, that he may have John's okay to not have an avatar.

Looks like he is someone who adds a lot to the JFK debate: ex-detective, weapons expert, etc.


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