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I live in Arlington, TX. The main reason that I joined is that I am looking to join is to find information about the Army Security Agency group during the Vietnam War. My father, Robert E. Wall, Jr., was in this agency during his Active Duty Army years. He served with this agency in Vietnam for 2 tours. My father has been diagnosed as having Manic-Deptressive Disorder. He just sits around or sleeps and takes his medication. He just isn't the same Dad I had growing up. I am trying to find some way to get him to talk to someone about those 2 tours and even after Vietnam. He had missions that he could never talk about. I know some things have been declassified. Even if talking to me is not what he needs, maybe I can say something to him to get him to go to a Vietnam Veteran's Support Group. When I was growing up I would wake up almost once a week to my Dad screaming from his nightmares relating to the War. He has never talked to anyone about that time in the Army. He is only 54 years old. He is very patriotic and proud of his Military service as am I. I just want to try to help him. I am not a War protestor. My husband was 12 years in the Army until we had 4 children and just needed more income. He still regrets not reenlisting. My family is very proud of our Country and support President Bush and the U.S. Armed Forces whole-heartedly. I have rambled on long enough. If you can help I would appreciate it. If you can't then any web sites that you know of relating to this would be very helpful.

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