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I am 56 years old and as of the end of this month I have been retired for two years. I retired from public education after having 31 years of service at the jr. high/middle school level. I taught a variety of subjects including science, health, physical science, into to chemistry, and history. I started out in college majoring in accounting but changed after one year to education majoring in history with a minor in health. One of the reasons for the change was due to my interest in JFK's assassination. I just turned 11 years old in October, 1963 and was in a classroom in northeastern Kentucky when the school staff was called to the office. It was there that they were told that Kennedy had been shot. My teacher came back to the classroom telling us about the assassination and I have always remembered that day. I studied and read several books published about the assassination of JFK and I wish that I had kept all of the books that I bought concerning JFK, however, some of them are long gone. I have kept several from the last several years that I have purchased. I have also read alot about the assassinations of MLKjr., Lincoln, and of course, RFK. I was a sophomore in high school when Bobby was killed and had stayed up late the night of the California primary and was watching when he was assassinated. Outside of my interests in the assassinations of the above mentioned, my other interests, now that I am retired are filming/producing dvd's of my cousins children/grandchildren in various sports including girls softball, volleyball, baseball, football, and ice hockey. I will also be working with one of my cousins on a film documentary to be premiered in Ashland, Ky. at the Paramount Arts Center this coming August 28. It concerns growing up in a small town and playing baseball at the local "field of dreams". I also enjoy going to car shows and cruise-ins where I have shown my previous cars including a '96 Corvette Collector's Edition, '05 Chevy SSR truck, and my current classic car, a '62 Ford Galaxie 500 Sunliner (convertible). It is like the car that my parents bought new in '62 except for the color. After searching for 7 years to find a Sandshell Biege like they had when JFK was killed, and not finding one, I found a Rangoon Red one in Alabama that had been totally restored and bought it and drove it home.

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