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From my past connections.

When US. Intelligence of the 1960s is understood, the secret and necessity

of the coverup in the Oswald tangle is exposed.

Oswald, on the spot, moreso than other suspects at the time, in the

assassination of JFK, only Oswald had a connection to the continent-wide,

extremely powerful,politically subversive, Fair Play For Cuba Committee,

that was of top concern to the US. Government and all it's security agencies.

The US. was at war with this continent-wide revolucionary front organization.

When Oswald became the personal victim of the emotionally disturbed Jack

Ruby, the hemispheric-wide Fair Play For Cuba Committee Movement upon

Oswald's death, because of his connection to it, was also destroyed, to the

welcome relief of US. Intelligence agencies.

This was/is the necessity and secret of the coverup.

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