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Henry Wade announces that “the paraffin tests will be favorable”, yet they are not. Talking out of one's side of their mouth seems to be a skill set most defenders of this case have. As you know, the test for firing a rifle was not positive like Wade had announced, but never fear, the test ends up being unreliable anyway!

Now here is another man who has this case all figured out! While no one wants to cite the movie "JFK" as any kind of evidence in this case, it is not all wrong either:


Lets start with the most obvious lie:

According to McAdams:

"Bill Newman says shots came from "fence up on the Knoll"

Bill and Gail Newman believed the shots came from directly behind them — the "mall" (Pergola),

not the Stockade Fence Push idea of Grassy Knoll shooter."

Apparently McAdams has not bothered to listen to what the Newman's have said.

The way Mr. Newman pronounces " knoll" is unmistakable and leaves no question as to where the shots came from. Mrs. Newman is very confident about this fact in her later interview which is available at the 6th Floor Museum.

The Newmans dove to the ground to protect their children from the shots coming from behind. A parent does not forget that, nor are they inclined to be mistaken.

Since McAdams attack on JFK is false in this regard, there is no reason to believe anything else the man says.

This gem is too much to pass up!

"Dallas cops "didn't bother to see whether the rifle had been fired that day"

No test existed to determine whether a rifle had been recently fired.

Imply avoidance of test that might prove Oswald innocent."

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