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John Dean and Watergate

John Simkin

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(June 17, 2009) Today, John Dean is reissuing his autobiography, "Blind Ambition," at the Nixon library in Yorba Linda, Ca. The latest version will contain a fresh afterward along with newly released evidence that Dean claims links Nixon to the Watergate break-in. Dean will expose his critics as "fast buck" artists who conjure up a distorted image of the truth. Unfortunately for Dean, he had wavered regarding the accuracy of his own work in a January 5, 1989 interview conducted by author Len Colodny.

(When compared to his testimony, Dean admitted that he could not rely upon "Blind Ambition." Additionally, he stated that he would only vouch for his sworn testimony, which often contradicts his book. Repeatedly, Dean admits that "Blind Ambition v.1" may be flawed because of his imperfect memory of the events, and that editors interjected erroneous material to make the book "more intriguing." According this interview, Dean disavowed the very book that he is promoting today and the only truth regarding his role in the Watergate affair could only be found where he had testified under oath.


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